Judging Teams

There are many opportunities for 4-H members who are interested in animal and other projects who may not have the ability to actually own that animal.  Therefore, the 4-H judging teams is a perfect opportunity for youth to still get their fill of that project area!  Listed below are some of the many judging teams available to 4-H members.  For more information, please call the UT/TSU Extension Office at 423-775-7807.

Horse Judging

Designed to educate youth about the different breeds, structure, riding styles, and discipline criteria.  The horse judging team meets on a weekly basis to study and practice what we’ve learned.  We also take a few trips to different farms to see live animals in preparation for our events.  Each year, we participate in the MTSU contest in March, the Regional Contest in April, and the TWBEA Event in August.

Livestock Judging

Very similar to the horse judging team, the livestock division teaches the judging criteria based on breeding characteristics and market standards.  4-Her’s will learn to judge market and breeding sheep, swine, cattle, and sometimes goats.  We also meet on a weekly basis and visit farms to practice our judging skills with live animals to prepare for our competitions.  The Livestock Judging Team participates in the UT Block & Bridle contest in March, as well as the Regional Event in September.

Meat Judging

This event is designed to educate youth on selecting and judging cuts of meat, identify species from which the meat is selected, as well as the cooking methods required for each.  This team meets on a weekly basis and competes at the Regional Event in March and the State Event in June.  This team is excellent for individuals who work well from memorization!

Life Skills Judging

The Life Skills Judging contest is held at the TVA&I Fair in Knoxville. During the Life Skills Judging contest, 4-Hers will apply skills and knowledge in Family and Consumer Sciences subject matter by visiting a series of activity centers and completing knowledge, skill or application activities at each center. The centers consist of both competitive (individual) and scored cooperative (team) activities. For more information, please call the Extension office at 775-7807.